Bobcat 610 Specifications

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The Bobcat 610 is a skid steer loader manufactured by Bobcat. Skid steer loaders are machines that feature lift arms and are powered by an engine. The lift arms are often fitted with buckets, creating efficient loaders.


According to Bobcat, the 610 skid steer loader is constructed to a length of 107 inches and a height of 82 inches. This machine is 54 inches wide with a 35-inch wheelbase and an 8-inch ground clearance.

Bobcat 610 Engine

The four-cylinder engine in the 610 Bobcat skid steer loader has a 30 horsepower output, according to the manufacturer. The engine displacement on the Bobcat 610 loader is 107.7 cubic inches, according to Noah’s Stuff website.

Other Specifications

This machine offers a 1,000-pound rated operating capacity (weight it can safely lift). The hydraulics on the Bobcat 610 skid steer operate at 1,700 pounds per square inch. This Bobcat was manufactured to offer a maximum travel speed of 6.6 mph.


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