How to Build a Windmill Model

Learn how to build a windmill model in the fun and simple steps below.
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Powered by wind energy, the windmill is designed to convert the energy supplied by the wind, as it turns the blades of the windmill, into an electric energy. Originally, windmills were used to grind corn into meal, and later as a means of pumping water. If you’re looking for a fun project to go along with your model cabin, model silo, or looking to build a model to place in your flower garden, the following instructions show you how to build a windmill model without too much hassle.

Build a Working Windmill Model

    To start your windmill project, prepare the top bearing of your windmill by using popsicle sticks to make an even square, and gluing the pieces into place.

    Attach 4 square dowel rods, one to each corner, to the popsicle stick bearing, using small stacks. Space the rods out so that at the bottom they are further apart at the bottom than at the top, where they attach to the bearing. Spacing the rods like this, provides better stability for the weight the rods will be supporting.

    Build a second bearing out of popsicle sticks. Make the second bearing the dimensions needed to fit between the 4 dowel rods, half way down the height of the tower. Attach the second bearing to the rods using both small tacks and glue or rubber cement.

    Cover all 4 edges of both bearings with dowel rods cut to the appropriate lengths. Use rubber cement to put the rods into place. This step is not necessary but will make your windmill tower look neater.

    Cut pieces from the dowel rods to attach as cross pieces on the tower and to add additional support for your working windmill model. Attach the cross pieces in “X” shapes between the two bearings and between the lower bearing and the floor, on all four sides.

    Find an old fan to use for the blades on your windmill project. Take the fan apart and use the already present hole in the middle of the blades, to attach the blades to the tower using the rivet pieces. If an old fan isn’t available to recycle, you can construct your own places using pieces of wood or metal, cut into matching pieces.

    Make sure to secure a wooden piece to the top of the tower to attach the blades. Drill a hole through the wooden piece. Affix with eyelets, then place a rivet through that piece as well as the center hole found on the fan blades. Affix into place using the rivet nuts.

    Things You'll Need

    • Several square dowel rods
    • Popsicle sticks
    • Rrivet bar
    • 2 rivet eyelets
    • 2 rivet nuts
    • Blabdes from a fan that no longer works/pieces of plastic to make blades
    • Drill
    • Small tacks
    • Tack hammer
    • Glue or rubber cement


    • If you wish to build a working model, find directions on building a windmill and fix the size specifications to meet your needs.

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