How to Build a Pigeon Trap Door

Pigeons are prized by some as racers and performers.
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Most people are constantly trying to avoid pigeons, creating ways to keep them away from house eves and their clean cars. Others, however, find the unique possibilities the bird offers -- for racing, tricks and ceremonial events -- to be a great reason to keep the birds close. This requires that you equip your pigeon shed or habitat with a trap door to keep your birds in and predators out.

    Mark a 20-inch- by- 20-inch square at the top center of your pigeon shed. A 20-by-20 opening will provide a large enough passage for your pigeons to enter but not too large a space to protect with your trap door.

    Make your trap-door opening by cutting along your dimension marks with a skill saw. Depending on your shed construction, this might require you to remove the side wall of the shed to cut the opening safely.

    Cut the top edge (one of the 20-inch sides) of the sheet of plywood at a 30-degree angle. This can be done by resetting the blade of your table saw to a 30-degree angle and then passing the plywood over the blade vertically.

    Place the top edge of the plywood flush against the top brim of the 20-by-20 opening in your shed. The edge of the plywood should be placed at a 30-degree angle against the shed wall. Screw the plywood to the shed using only one screw at the middle of the plywood. This will allow you to rotate the door to release your birds and flip it down to "trap" them.

    Test your trap door. See how comfortable your pigeons are flying in and out of it. This particular trap door provides a 20-by-20 entryway for the birds; however, with the door resting at a 30-degree angle, only about a 6-inch exit way is available from the inside. You can always play with the length and angle of your trap door to accommodate your particular birds.

    Things You'll Need

    • Table saw
    • Skill saw
    • Power drill
    • Screws
    • Sheet of plywood, 20 inches by 25 inches

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