How to Buy an Accurate Room Thermometer

Glass room thermometers are inexpensive.
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There are a variety of room thermometers that will provide an accurate room temperature reading. Room thermometers may have electronic sensors and digital displays. They may be tinted alcohol stored in a glass tube under pressure or simply be plastic color-change strips. Glass and plastic room thermometers are the least expensive and are often sold in packs of three or more so they can be deployed to several different rooms. Decide on the features and variety that best suits your needs when buying a room thermometer.

    Visit a local hardware store or go online to research the available room thermometers within your price range. Read online customer reviews or discuss room thermometer options with an employee at the hardware store to see if they have any recommendations.

    Review the available manufacturer information online or examine the room thermometer boxes, tags and labels. Find out the temperature range and degree of accuracy of each room thermometer. Plastic color-change strips are often the least accurate and do not respond as quickly to temperature change. Some digital room thermometers have displays that show a temperature change as small as one-tenth of a degree.

    Buy the room thermometer that provides a temperature accuracy that meets your needs with a price that you can afford.


    • Keep room thermometers away from windows and air vents to get an accurate reading of the room's ambient temperature. High-end digital room thermometers have alarms that let you know when the temperature has fallen out of a set range. This can be especially useful for nurseries, computer server rooms, bread baking and indoor growing.

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