How to Calculate 30 KW to Amps

How to Calculate 30 KW to Amps
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Kilowatts and amps are both different types of measurements in an electrical circuit. In order to convert kilowatts to amps, figure out the voltage in the circuit first The voltage is from the power source, such as a 12-volt battery. Use the formula of 30 kilowatts divided by the number of volts, then multiplying the result by 1000 to get the number of amps available in the circuit.

    Find the number of volts on the battery source. For example, assume you have a 12-volt battery.

    Divide 30 watts by the amount of volts in the circuit. In the example, 30 watts divided by 12-volts equals 2.5

    Multiply the result in Step 2 by 1000. In the example, 2.5 times 1,000 equals 2,500 amps.

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