How to Calculate Ankanams From Square Feet

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The description of the size of your property in India will depend entirely on where that property is situated. The names for Indian land measurement units not only vary from region to region, but the units represent significantly different areas. The ankanam is a land area unit in use in the Nellore district. The "ankanam," sometimes spelled "aankadam," is equivalent to about 72 square feet. If you are in the market for property in India, familiarity with local land units and their conversion to globally recognized units is essential.

    Enter the area, measured in square feet, into the calculator.

    Divide the square foot area by the conversion factor of 71.99. Note that 71.99 square feet is equivalent to 1 ankanam. For example, for a 200-square-foot building you would divide 200 by 71.99 to get 2.78.

    Report the result as an area measured in ankanam. For example, 200 square feet is written as 2.78 ankanams.

    Double-check your result using an online calculator.


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