How to Calculate Average Usage

Calculating average usage will give you a measurement to use for comparison.
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When we use something regularly, there may come a time when we would like to get a measurement of how much we use within a certain limit. We can use this measurement to compare our usage with another person’s usage. For example, if you have a family of four who all use the Internet, you can calculate the average usage of each person and compare it with the others. By comparing it with others, you can see who uses the most, and the least, and make decisions based on that information.

    Decide what you would like to measure and the time frame in which you would like to see results from. For example, the average amount of hours you use the Internet a day.

    Record the measurements of usage for your activity for the time frame you chose, for multiple periods. For example, if you want to see daily usage, record the usage every day for multiple days.

    Add all of the measurements that you recorded to get a sum of the measurements. For example, add all of the hours used daily to get the total daily hours of Internet usage.

    Divide the sum of the measurements by the count of measurements taken. For example, divide the total daily hours of Internet usage by the number of days that you took measurements. You will end up with the average usage of an activity for the time frame you chose.

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