How to Calculate Inches Per Minute

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To find out how many inches are covered in a minute, you need only calculate three fairly easy steps, using a calculator or paper and pencil. As technology advances, everything seems to be broken down into smaller and smaller measurements to pinpoint exact times, sizes, temperatures and distances, so it's handy to know a different technique for measuring speed.

    Determine, for the sake of example, the speed you want to calculate. For this calculation, use 60 miles per hour, or mph.

    Use division to determine miles per minute.
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    Divide 60 by 60 -- the number of minutes in an hour -- which gives you the amount of miles traveled per minute, or mpm. Using 60 mph as the example, you will travel just 1 mpm.

    Take the amount of feet in a mile – 5,280, according to the Encylopedia website – and multiply it by 12, which is the number of inches in a foot, to determine how many inches are in a mile. The result is 63,360. If, using the 60 mph example, you travel 1 mile in a minute, that means in 1 minute, you would travel 63,360 inches.


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