How to Calculate MBH

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MBH, also known as mBtu is a set standard of measurement of Btus per hour. Btus, or British thermal units, are a measurement of power when measured over time. mbh is calculated using the known Btus per hour, wattage or horsepower of a particular device. Knowing MBH can help you to better compare the different notations of power measurement and to understand the different scales.

    Divide the amount of Btus per hour by 1,000 to calculate the amount of MBH. For example, the amount of Btus per hour is 20,000. Dividing that by 1,000 would result in 20 MBH.

    Multiply the amount of watts by 0.293 to calculate the amount of MBH. For example, the number of watts is 250,000. Multiplying that amount by 0.293 results in 73,250 MBH.

    Multiply the amount of horsepower by 2.544 to calculate the amount of MBH. For example, if the amount of horsepower is 10,000, then multiplying it by 2.544 will result in 25,440 MBH.

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