How to Calculate the Midpoint Between Two Numbers

How to Calculate the Midpoint Between Two Numbers
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A midpoint is defined as a point that is exactly in the middle between two other points. The midpoint between two numbers is the number exactly in the middle of the two numbers. Calculating the midpoint is the same thing as calculating the average of two numbers. Therefore, you can calculate the midpoint between any two numbers by adding them together and dividing by two.

For example, suppose you want to find the midpoint between the numbers 2 and 32.

First, add the two numbers: 2 + 32 = 34.

Secondly, divide the total by 2: 34 / 2 = 17.

The midpoint between 2 and 32 is 17.

The same process works with integers that have a negative value. For example, if you want to find the midpoint between 4 and -2 is 2, which is 4 + -2 (or 4 - 2) divided by 2.

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