How to Calculate the Square Feet on a Cube

A cube has six faces.
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A cube is a three-dimensional geometric shape that has six faces, eight corners and 12 edges. The edges of cubes are equal in length, and they line up to each other at right angles. If you are taking a geometry or general math class in middle school, high school or college, you may need to determine the square footage of the surface area of a cube. You also may need to calculate this measurement if your career involves measurements and math. The square footage of the surface area of a cube is the sum of the area of all of its faces.

    Measure the length of one of the cube's edges.

    Multiply this measurement by itself, which is called "squaring." For instance, if a cube has an edge that is 2 inches long, multiply 2 by 2 to get 4, meaning that the area of this face is 4 square inches.

    Multiply your answer from step two by 6, since there are six faces on a cube. In this example, you would multiply 4 by 6 to get a total square footage of 24 inches.

    Things You'll Need

    • Ruler
    • Calculator