How to Calculate the Weight of Steel

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Steel is a substance that has many uses, from plumb bobs and pocket knifes to building frames and bridge trusses. Calculating how much the steel weighs is a simple process.

calculating the weight of steel

    In centimeters, find the dimensions of the object whose weight you would like to find. You can do this by consulting a model of the object, measuring the object itself, or looking up the dimensions in a book or on-line.

    Calculate the volume of that object in cubic centimeters. The volume is found by multiplying the height, length and width of the object.

    Multiply the volume by 7.85. This will give you the mass in grams of the object. 7.85 grams per cubic centimeter is the average density of steel. However, the density of different types of steel can vary from 7.715 to 8.03 grams per cubic centimeter. Consult a reference table to find the exact density of the kind of steel you are looking for.

    Multiply the mass in grams by 0.0022046. This will give you the weight in pounds of your steel object.


    • The more exact you are in your measurements, the more exact your answer will be.


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