How to Calculate Weighted Class Grades

If your grades are weighted, you need to perform a different calculation than if they were all the same.
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In some courses, grades are not all equal. Grades on some assignments have more weight towards your final grade than other assignments. In order to perform this calculation, you need to know the weight of each grade. This is the percentage the grade counts toward your final grade. Adding together each weighted assignment calculates your overall grade.

1. Determine Grade and Weight

Determine your grade on each assignment and the weight of the grade. For example, assume you receive an 85 percent on a project that counts for 20 percent of your final grade and you receive a 100 on a test that is 80 percent of your grade.

2. Multiply Grade by Weight

Multiply the grade on the assignment by the grade weight. In the example, 85 times 20 percent equals 17 and 100 times 80 percent equals 80.

3. Add together

Add together all your weighted grades to find your overall grade. In the example, 17 points plus 80 points equals a weighted grade of 97.

4. Use an online grade calculator

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