How to Calculate Your YTD GPA

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Your grade point average (GPA) divides the grade points you've earned, represented by a letter grade, by the total credit hours attempted. A GPA of 0.0 is the lowest possible GPA, representing complete failure in each class attempted. A 4.0 GPA is the highest possible GPA, representing an A earned in each class attempted. Your year-to-date (YTD) GPA is the GPA earned in a particular semester verses the GPA earned for a complete school year.

    Know the point value for each grade earned. A = 4.00, A-minus = 3.75, B-plus = 3.25, B = 3.00, B-minus = 2.75, C-plus = 2.25, C = 2.00, C-minus = 1.75, D-plus = 1.25, D = 1.00, D-minus = 0.75 and F = 0.00.

    Know the number of credits each class is worth. Classes are usually worth between three and four credits. Check your class syllabus or ask your teacher for the credit value of the class.

    Multiply the point value of the class by the total number of credits for the class. For example, if you got a B-plus in a 3-credit class, the equation would be 3.25 x 3 = 9.75. Perform for all grades and classes. List the totals.

    Sum the total quality points earned through your grades. Sum the total credits earned using the equation in Step Three.

    Divide the total quality points from each grade by the total credits earned. For example, 38 grade points divided by 14 credits earned = 2.71 semester (or YTD) GPA.


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