How to Calibrate a Digiweigh Scale

Digital scales are calibrated to produce accurate readings.
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Digiweigh produces digital scales for industrial, lab and consumer use. Their scales utilize innovative technology for accurate readings and are used worldwide. However, the initial accuracy of the scale depends on its calibration. With a set of predetermined weights, this process can be done easily and quickly.

    Place the scale in a location where there is no electrical interference. Sources of interference may include cell phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth devices or any other device using some sort of electric motor.

    Make sure the scale is level on a flat surface. Also, be sure to use only stable surfaces since any slight movement will alter the calibration.

    Turn the scale off then press and hold the "Mode" and "Tare" keys simultaneously. While holding "Mode" and "Tare", turn the power back on. Continue holding the two buttons until you see a series of numbers or a message that indicates that you may continue.

    Place your calibration weights on the scale then press the "Mode" button. A similar series of numbers should show followed by a message that states "Pass" or "Fail".

    If a "Fail" or error message is shown, repeat the above steps as necessary until you see "Pass".

    Things You'll Need

    • Digiweigh Scale
    • Calibration Weights


    • If your Digiweigh scale consistently shows error messages or incorrect readings after calibration, you may need to contact Digiweigh ([email protected]) for service. Digiweigh manufactures many scales so this procedure may vary slightly from product to product. Refer to your scale's manual for exact instructions.

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