Can I Use Dehumidifier Water?

Using grey water to hydrate plants is one way to conserve water.
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Dehumidifier water can be used for a number of purposes. It should not be considered drinking water but in the category of grey water.

Dehumidifier Water

Dehumidifier water is a waste product of dehumidifier systems.

Dangerous Traces

Dehumidifier water will contain traces of metals, oils or chemicals, making it unhealthy to use as drinking water or for cooking.

Grey Water

Dehumidifier water should be considered grey water.

Grey Water Uses

Grey water can be used to soak house foundations, clean decks and sidewalks or water nonfood plants.

Saved Water

The grey water used saves use of treated drinking water for these nondrinking purposes.

Grey Water is Free

Grey water was a waste product of the dehumidifier process. Using it again does not add to your cost, so it is essentially free.

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