Capacity of a 15 Amp Circuit

The flow of electricity runs through the human body. Electric signals are produced in the human brain between neurons and neurotransmitters (dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin), all of which require current or the flow of electricity for the human body and the human brain to properly function.

Without electricity, the human body would not be able to work. Cell phones, computers, tablets and many other applications could not operate without current. The mathematical representation of the current is defined as the change in charge per change in the unit of time. The current used in this article is going to be a 15 amp circuit.

Current Definition

I = Delta(Q)/ Delta(t)

Where I is the current, Delta(Q) (measured in coulombs) is the change in charge, Delta(t)(measured in seconds) is the change in time per unit of charge.

The fundamental unit of charge per electron is 1.6021765 × 1019 coulomb or Q

The other way to define current is in relation to Ohm's law which is as follows:

I = V/R

Where I is current, V is the voltage potential, and R is the resistance.

Power in Relation to Current

Power is the amount of energy transmitted per unit of time. Power is mathematically defined as follows

P = Delta(E)/Delta(t)

Where P is Power (measured in watts or Joules/Second) Delta(E) (measured in Joules or any other measurement of energy) is the change in energy, and Delta(t) (measured in seconds) is the change in time.

Ohm's law is as follows:

V = IR

Where V is voltage potential (measured in volts), I is current (measured in amps), and R is resistance (measured in Ohms).

The electric potential is defined as U = qV

Where V i the electric potential, Q is charge, and since the electrical potential is a form of potential energy it can be substituted in for Delta(E)

P = qV/Delta(t) = qV/Delta(t)

Use the current equation

I = Delta(Q)/ Delta(t)

Substitute I in for q/Delta(t)


P = IV

Voltage and Power for a 15 Amp Breaker

The max voltage for a general household is 120 volts, and this is just a general specification. To find the maximum power for a 15 amp breaker, use the power equation derived above.

P = IV = (15 amps)(120 V) = 1,800 watts

Anything beyond this specification the 15 amp circuit will not be able to handle since the max voltage for a general household is 120 volts.

To find the max current capacity rewrite the equation above as follows and plugin 1,800 Watts for power and 120 volts for voltage.

P/V = I

1,800 W/120 V = I

15 amps = I

Discussion of Capacity of a 15 amp Circuit

Current flows in cell phones, computers, automobiles, planes or anything that has some electronic application. Electricity even flows through the human body. Without energy, there would be nothing in existence. Energy is the source of life and permeates throughout the entire universe.

Even a multimeter can be used to measure the flow of electricity running through the human body. Current can be calculated utilizing Ohm's law. Power can be calculated through the relation of Ohm's laws. All of physics is connected through mathematical relationships.

Electricity in Everything

Everything in the universe is connected through mathematics. So every time a physics textbook is open, or a physics problem is calculated, it takes the human being beyond the linguistic measure of the universe.

Math connects the human race to the universe just like every time a current or an Ohm's law problem is solved. Think of all the electricity flowing through the human body, computers, cell phones and a majority of electronic devices. Physics brings human beings closer to understanding the universe.

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