Casio Calculator FX-82MS Instructions

Casio Calculator FX-82MS Instructions
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The Casio fx-82MS is a calculator with 240 functions, including basic and scientific functions. Its two-line display shows the calculation formula and the result at the same time. To get the most out of your Casio fx-82MS, take the time to get to know how it works, beginning with some basic functions.

Mode Selection

Before you use your Casio fx-82MS, select the correct mode. To perform basic arithmetic calculations, press “Mode” and 1 to select COMP. To perform standard deviation, press “Mode” and 2 to select SD. To perform regression calculations, press “Mode” and 3 to select REG. The current calculation mode appears in the upper part of the display.

Basic Calculation

To perform a basic calculation use the numerical keypad. For example, to divide 2,560 by 40, input 2,560, press the divide button (÷) then input 40. Press the equals (=) button. The answer (64) appears on the display.

Fraction Calculation

To perform a fraction calculation, use the “a b/c” button. For example, to work out (3/4) + (1/6) input 3, press “a b/c”, input 4, press +, input 1, press “a b/c”, input 6 and press the equals button. The answer (11/12) appears on the display. You can convert calculation results between fraction values and decimal values. For example, to convert 1/4 on the display to a decimal, press the “a b/c” button to see 0.25.

Percentage Calculation

To work out 25 percent of 7,500, input 7,500, press the multiplication (×) button, press the “Shift” button then the percentage (%) button. The answer (1875) appears on the display. To work out what percentage of 1,200 is 480, input 480, press the divide (÷) button, input 1200, press the “Shift” button then the percentage (%) button. The answer (40) appears on the display. To add 35 percent to 220, input 220, press the multiply (×) button, input 35, press the “Shift” button, the percentage (%) button then the add (+) button. The answer (297) appears on the display.

Make Corrections

To make corrections during input, use the left and right arrows to move the cursor to your chosen location, then press “Del” to delete the number or function at that location. Press “Shift” then “Ins” to change to an insert cursor. Input your chosen number of function, then press “Shift,” “Ins” or the equals button to revert to the normal cursor.

Change Settings

To change the settings for the number of decimal places, significant digits or exponential display format, press the “Mode” key several times until you see the set up screen, which is “Fix,” “Sci,” “Norm” with 1,2,3, under them. Press the number key (1,2,3) that corresponds to the setup item you want to change. Number 1 (Fix) changes the number of decimal places, number 2 (Sci) changes the number of significant digits, and number 3 (Norm) changes the exponential display format. For example, say you have worked out 400 ÷ 8 × 4 = 200. To change the number of decimal places, press the “Mode” key until you see the set up screen, then press 1 then 4 to specify four decimal places.

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