How to Change a Mixed Number into a Decimal

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Changing a mixed number into a decimal is not a complicated task once you get the hang of the steps. A mixed number is one that includes a whole number and a fraction. When turning that mixed number into a decimal, the whole number will appear on the left of the decimal while the fraction part will appear on the right side of the decimal.

    Start with a mixed number. A mixed number is a whole number and a fraction. For example, "2 7/8" is a mixed number because 2 is a whole number and 7/8 is the fraction.

    Change the mixed number into an improper fraction. This is done by multiplying the denominator, or the bottom number in the fraction, by the whole number and then adding the numerator, which is the number above the line in a fraction. So using the 2 7/8, you would write the following equation: denominator times whole number plus numerator, which would be written as 8 x 2 + 7, which is 23. This will be your new numerator.

    Rewrite your improper fraction with the new numerator on top and your existing denominator on the bottom, so your new fraction is 23/8.

    Divide your numerator by your denominator. Add a decimal point after the whole number and continue to divide by adding zeros after the decimal as needed. Your answer in this case is 2.875, which can be rounded up to 2.88.


    • Take your time and do one step at a time so you do not make errors. Check your division by using multiplication


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