How to Change Mixed Numbers Into Improper Fractions

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A mixed number is written in the form of a whole number plus a fraction: 7 3/4. 7 is the whole number. 3 is the numerator. 4 is the denominator. It is pronounced as: seven and three fourths.

    Multiply the whole number (7) by the denominator (4). In this case, 7 3/4 is our mixed number, so we will multiply 7x4. The product of 7x4 is 28.

    Add the numerator (3) to the product (28) of the whole number and the denominator: 3+28. The sum of 3+28 is 31.

    Make the sum (31), the new numerator in your improper fraction.

    Keep the denominator the same as in the original mixed number: (4).

    Your new improper fraction is the sum/denominator: 31/4. Thus. 7 ¾=31/4.

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