How to Convert 4.0 System to 100 Point Grading System

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A grade-point average (GPA) is a numerical system for rating a student's academic achievement. This scoring system is often calculated on a 4-point scale, with a 4 being the highest possible average and a 0 being the lowest. Some educational institutions, however, grade individuals on a 100-point scale. Therefore, you may want to know how your 4.0 GPA system translates into a 100-point system.

    Write down your original GPA that uses the 4.0 scale. For example, you may have a GPA of 3.2.

    Find your GPA on a GPA conversion chart. Many institutions convert GPA scores differently; so locate the appropriate GPA-conversion chart.

    Match your GPA on a 4 point scale with the corresponding 100 point scale number. For example, using the chart at the Cascadia College website, a 3.2 GPA corresponds with an 87 out of 100.


    • Since there are a variety of conversions, contact the specific educational institution you are interested in for specific direction about which scale to use.

      Some conversion charts will only provide you with a range of numbers on the 100-point scale. In this case, simply refer to your GPA using the range of numbers.

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