How to Convert My GPA From a 12-Point Scale to a 4-Point Scale

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Schools use a variety of grading scales adding to the confusion of transferring to a different school or the college application process. A 12-point grading scale uses a 12-step breakdown of letter grades, such as A+, A, A-, B+ and B, with each grade also having a numerical equivalent between 12.0 and 0. The 4-point grading scale uses letter grades and numerical equivalents between 4.0 and 0. Assuming the grades are not weighted, converting your GPA from a 12-point to a 4-point scale is straightforward.

    Create a table with five columns. Label the first column “course,” the second column “attempted credits,” the third “12-point scale letter grade,” the fourth “4-point scale equivalent” and the fifth, “quality points.”

    Enter the information into the first three columns about each course for which you received credit. The 4-point scale does not recognize an A+ and assigns it an A grade.

    Consult the following information to convert the 12-point grade scale to the 4-point scale. A+ 4.0; A- = 3.7; B+ = 3.3; B = 3.0; B- = 2.7; C+ = 2.3; C = 2.0; C- = 1.7; D+ = 1.3; D = 1.0; D- and F are worth zero points. Enter the appropriate 4-point scale equivalent for each 12-point scale letter grade.

    Multiply each entry in the 4-Point scale equivalent column by the number in the appropriate attempted credits column. Enter this number in the quality points column. For example, if you received a B+ in Music Theory, the 4-point scale equivalent is 3.3. Look in the attempted credits column and see that this course is worth two credits. Multiply 3.3 (4-point scale equivalent) by two (attempted credits), 3.3 x 2 = 6.6 quality points.

    Total the numbers in the attempted credits column and the quality points column. The formula for determining your GPA is quality points divided by attempted credits, GPA = QP/AC. Insert the appropriate totals into the formula and divide to find your GPA converted to a 4-point scale.


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