How to Convert 46 CM Into Inches

Some rulers have both inches and centimeters.
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Centimeters are metric units of measurement, and inches are standard American units of measurement. Metric units are based on the number 10, whereas standard American units do not have a single number base. Even though the most common system of measurements in the United States is the standard American system, the metric system is more commonly used in the rest of the world. You may need to convert between centimeters and inches as a part of a math class or as a part of your job if you commonly deal with measurements.

    Write down 0.3937, which is the conversion factor when going from centimeters to inches. If you are using a calculator, input this value.

    Write "46" under the first value. When using a calculator, press the "x" button to multiply, followed by the value "46" and the "=" symbol.

    Write your answer or view it on the calculator. You should get 18.1102 inches as being equal to 46 centimeters.

    Things You'll Need

    • Calculator
    • Pencil
    • Paper

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