How to Convert an Area to Square Feet

Relatively small areas are often measured in square feet.
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The International System of Units--otherwise known as the metric system--specifies a square meter as a unit of the area. Contrary to that, units such as square feet or square yards are usually used in the U.S. With simple mathematical equations, you can convert area measurements to the square foot unit.

    Multiply the area length and width to calculate the area size. For example, if area dimensions are 15 by 11 meters, then the area is 15 x 11 = 165 square meters.

    Multiply the area by 10.764 to convert it to square feet. In the example, the area of 165 square feet will converted to 165 x 10.764 =1,776.06 square feet.

    Use the conversion coefficient 9 if the area is given in square yards. For instance, the area of 24.5 square yards corresponds to 24.5 x 9 = 220.5 square feet.

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