How to Convert Centimeters to Square Feet

How to Convert Centimeters to Square Feet
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Centimeters and square feet belong to two different categories of unit measurement. Centimeters gauge singular measurements like length, width or height, while square feet (composed of two separate foot dimensions) gauge area measurements. This means you need to carry out two separate calculations. To convert centimeters to square feet, first convert centimeters to square centimeters (cm2), then convert to square feet through a simple conversion factor.

    Find the dimensions of your two-dimensional shape in centimeters. For this example, the shape is a rectangle with a length measuring 150 cm and a width measuring 100 cm.

    Calculate the shape's area in square centimeters using the formula

    \text{area} = \text{ length} × \text{ width}

    Work out

    150 × 100 = 15,000

    The area of the rectangle is 15,000 cm2. Note that different area formulas apply to different shapes. For example the formula to find the area of a circle is

    A = π r^2

    (when you know the radius).

    One square centimeter is equal to 0.00107639 square feet. Work out

    15,000 × 0.00107639 = 16.145

    The area of the rectangle is 16.145 square feet.

    Things You'll Need

    • Calculator
    • Centimeter measurements
    • Area formula for your shape

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