How to Convert CWT to Pounds

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Though the metric and American systems of measurement have different units and organizational methods, the two sometimes borrow from each other. One such borrowing is the hundredweight (cwt.) unit. Based on a grouping of a power of ten, the structure of a hundredweight, which equals a hundred pounds (lb.), may appear more like a hectogram, a unit comprised of 100 grams, than the 16 ounces that make up each individual pound. By working with this hundredfold difference between hundredweights and pounds through various methods, you can easily convert between the weight measurements.

    Multiply the weight in hundredweights by 100 to convert to an equivalent in pounds. For an example, 5 cwt. multiplied by 100 converts to 500 lb.

    Add two zeros to the right end of the hundredweight measurement to convert to pounds. For example, 10 cwt. with two zeros added to the right end becomes 1,000 lb. If the hundredweight measurement has a decimal point, then just shift the decimal point two positions to the right: 10.1 cwt. becomes 1,010 lb.

    Convert from hundredweights to pounds with an online conversion program, available in Resources. Type the hundredweight number into the space next to the "hundredweight (US)" label. the converted measurement in pounds will appear just below it.


    • If converting long hundredweights of the imperial system, multiply the hundredweight by 112 to convert to pounds.


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