How to Convert Yards to Feet

Convert yards to feet with the simple formula.
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You may be asked to convert an amount of yards to feet in a math problem, or you may have to perform such a calculation if you are doing some landscaping or want to know how far a football has been thrown. In order to convert yards into feet, you will have to know the conversion formula and complete a simple math problem. Knowing the formula will allow you to convert any amount of yards into feet.

    Learn the formula for converting yards into feet: 1 yard is equal to 3 feet.

    Write out the necessary math problem or use a calculator. If you want to convert 21 yards, for example, the problem would be 21 multiplied by 3 (21 x 3).

    Finish the conversion. The number 21 multiplied by 3 equals 63. Therefore, 21 yards equals 63 feet.

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