How to Convert FT LB to IN LB

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The foot-pound and the inch-pound are two of many different units used to measure work and torque. These two customary units are equal to the force of 1 lb. acting through the distance of one foot and 1 lb. acting through the distance of one inch. Because both units are based on the pound and a customary unit of length, converting one to the other is a straightforward process.

    Enter the foot-pound value into the calculator. Double-check the display to ensure that the value is correct.

    Multiply the foot-pound value by 12, the conversion factor for foot-pounds to inch-pounds. The result is the foot-pound value expressed in inch-pounds. For example, 20 foot-pounds is equivalent to 240 inch-pounds because 12 x 20 = 240.

    Identify the units used by adding the symbol for inch-pounds to the result. For example, write the example result from the previous step as "240 in lb."


    • To remember the conversion factor for foot-pounds to inch-pounds, just think of how many inches there are in one foot.

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