How to Convert From Grade Points to Percentage

The college grading system isn't based on stickers, and frequently not on letter grades.
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When we were young, measuring our classroom success was so simple. If you got a big smiley, then you did well. And if you got a big smiley face in addition to a sticker, then you did "SUPER"! Unfortunately, the college system doesn't function the same way. Instead, what you have is a numbers-based system that starts at 0.0 and ends at 4.0, with the latter essentially being equivalent to a big smiley face with a sticker. If you're looking for a more precise definition of your grade point, then you can use a conversion table to convert from grade points to percentage.

    Access a "Percent to Grade Point Conversion Table." One has been included in the References. It can also be found by visiting the website for the University of Washington. Note that colleges, universities and professors reserve the right to utilize their own conversion system. However, most use the conversion table provided.

    Locate your grade points on the table. The value for your grade points (GP) should be a value between 0.0 and 4.0.

    Scroll to the left to see your grade points in percentage, then scroll to the right to see it as a letter grade. For instance, if you have 3.5 grade points for a class, then that means you got a 91% grade, or an A-.


    • Confirm the conversion by speaking with your own school officials, including your professors.

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