How to Convert Grams Into Pounds

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There are a number of methods you can use to convert grams into pounds by going online or doing it the old-fashioned way using the mathematical formula, with either a calculator or pencil and paper. If you don't have immediate access to a computer, it's always handy to know the formula. Follow these steps to convert grams into pounds.

    Make sure you know the exact weight in grams of whatever object you want to convert into pounds. In most cases, you only need to round up or down to the first position.

    Know that 1 g equals .0022 lb. and that 1 lb. equals 453.6 g. These are the conversion factors for your formulas.

    Multiply your number of grams by the conversion factor .0022 to calculate the equivalent weight in pounds. The formula is the number of grams X .0022 = number of pounds. For example, 3,500 g X .0022 = 7.7 lb.

    Find a more precise measurement using a more precise conversion factor of 1 g equals .00220462262 lb. One pound more precisely equals 453.59237 g. The formula remains the same with the exception that you use the more precise conversion factor. For example, 3,500 g X .00220462262 = 7.716177 lb.

    Calculate pounds to grams by essentially using the same formula with the different conversion factor. For a general measurement, your formula is the number of pounds X 453.6 = number of grams. For a more precise measurement, your formula is the number of pounds X 453.59237 = number of grams.

    Go to for a website that does the mathematical conversion for you. All you must do is plug in your weight in grams or pounds, and the website converts it for you.

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