How to Convert Square Feet to Inches

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If you are working outdoors or even in your home, you may find you need to know the amount of square inches in a room or specific area. Counting up each inch, however, is going to be extremely time consuming. Actually there is a much easier way of determining the number of inches in any square foot radius.

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    Find the amount of square feet in a room or given area by multiplying the length by the width. So if the width is 10 feet and the length is 10 feet, your area is 100 square feet.

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    Determine the square root of the footage if you do not know what the length and width are. This is going to determine what number, multiplied by itself, equals the square footage. You should use a calculator for this to simplify the process.

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    Write this number down. More than likely it is going to be a number with a decimal in it.

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    Multiply this final number by 12 (the number of inches in a foot). This number is going to give you the total number of inches, per side, in a square foot area. To determine the entire area in square inches, multiply the number in inches by itself.

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