How to Convert kWh to kBtu

Electrical energy is normally measured in units of kilo-Watt-hour (kWh) or kilo-British thermal (kBtu).
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We all use energy at home in the form of electricity and gas in order to carry out domestic tasks or to simply watch television. There are many different units of energy and these include the Joule, the kilo-Watt-hour (kWh) and the kilo-British thermal unit (kBtu). Most domestic electric and gas meters measure energy in the units of kWh or kBtu. Luckily, converting between the two is simple.

Converting from kWh to kBtu

Write down the amount of energy in kWh. For the purpose of this example, let's assume we have 1 kWh. This is roughly the amount of energy you would consume by ironing clothes for one hour.

In order to convert kWh to kBtu, multiply by 3.412. Following the example:

1 kWh x 3.412 = 3.412 kBtu

Taking a second example, an oven uses approximately 2 kWh in one hour of baking. Converting this to kBtu give us:

2 kWh x 3.412 = 6.824 kBtu

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