How to Convert MBH to Tons

How to Convert MBH to Tons
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MBH is another way of expressing 1,000 British Thermal Units per Hour (BTU/hr). The M is the Roman numeral for "1,000" and the BH is a shortening of BTU/hr. This unit of measurement is often used to describe the weight of liquids used in the refrigeration industry. Since this unit is predominantly used in Great Britain, there may be a need to convert this measurement to the internationally recognizable ton. Knowing how to convert MBH to tons can prevent confusion when measurements are made so you can facilitate business transactions across international markets.

    Turn on the calculator and enter the number of MBH. For example, if you wanted to convert 25 MBH into tons, you would enter "25" in the calculator. Press multiply. The multiplication icon is usually a capital “X” on the calculator.

    Input .0833333333333 into the calculator. This represents how much of a ton is in a single MBH.

    Press the equal sign to compute the equation. For example, if you converting 25 MBH into tons, multiplying 25 by .0833333333333. The answer is roughly 2.1 tons.


    • Alternatively, you can use an online unit conversion site that will perform the calculation for you (see Resources).

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