How to Convert Meters to Inches

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The metric system has yet to be adopted in the United States, and sometimes, you need to convert meters to a more familiar form. The process is done with basic multiplication. The best way is to work with larger conversions, and work your way down. Converting meters to feet, and then feet to inches, will make the process an extra step longer, but a little bit easier.

    Determine the decimal place you need to go to, to achieve the necessary level of accuracy. A meter is equal to 3.2808399 feet. For the purpose of this example, it will be rounded down to 3.

    Start with 1 meter. Finding how many inches are in 1 meter, will allow you to later multiply your answer, and will make the math a lot more manageable. One meter is equal to 3 feet.

    Convert feet to inches. There are 12 inches in a foot. There are 3 feet in a meter. Multiply the number of inches in a foot by the number of feet in a meter. Your answer is how many inches are in a meter. Based on our rounding, the answer is 36 inches in 1 meter.

    Multiply the number of inches in a meter, by the number of meters you need to convert. There are 36 inches in 1 meter. If you need to find out how many inches are in 3 meters, you multiply the number of inches in 1 meter, by 3. In this case, your answer would be 108 inches.

    Use a calculator if the decimal number you need goes further out. If you need the answer accurate to 5 decimal places, the math can get tricky. It is the same principle, it just takes longer. Either way, you should check your answers against a calculator.


    • Double-check your math.


    • Do not round your answer to any other decimal places than what the problem requires. If you need your answer to 4 decimal places, round the initial numbers to 4 decimal places. Otherwise, your answer will be inaccurate.

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