How to Convert Cubic Meters of Natural Gas to MMBTU's

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Natural gas is a fossil fuel that forms from buried layers of organic matter over many thousands of years. The gas can be used within power stations and burnt in order to produce electricity. Natural gas volume can be measured in many units, including cubic meters and British thermal units (Btu). Converting between these units can be carried out with simple formulas.


Write down the volume of natural gas in cubic meters. For this example, let's assume there are 50 cubic meters of natural gas. First convert the number in cubic meters to cubic feet. In order to do this, multiply by 35.3147. Following the example:

Cubic feet = 35.3147 x 50 = 1765.735

Next multiply the volume in cubic feet by 0.0012 in order to get the volume in mmBTU:

1765.735 x 0.0012 = 2.119 mmBTU


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