How to Convert Miles to 10ths of a Mile

How to Convert Miles to 10ths of a Mile
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Math problems involving distances don't always provide values in miles or kilometers. Sometimes, you may have to provide your answer in a different value. Converting miles to tenths of a mile is a straightforward calculation, and if you use a calculator you can reach your answer even faster.

    Find the number of miles you need to convert into tenths of a mile. For example, say you need to convert 60 miles into tenths of a mile.

    Splitting a mile into tenths means dividing it up into 10 equal parts. If one mile contains 10 tenths of a mile, 60 miles contains 60 × 10 tenths of a mile. Work out 60 × 10 = 600. This means there are 600 tenths in 60 miles.

    Use a calculator to check your answer. The decimal equivalent of one-tenth is 0.1. In the above example, work out 60 ÷ 0.1 = 600.


    • You may need to convert a mixed fraction to tenths, such as 3 1/2 miles. First, convert the whole number to tenths by working out 3 × 10 = 30. Then convert the half by working out 10 ÷ 2 = 5 (this is the same as multiplying 10 by the fraction, or 10 × 1/2). Add the two values (30 + 5) together to get your answer: 35 tenths of a mile.

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