How to Convert Milliliters Into CCs

Cubic centimeters and milliliters are equivalent measurements.
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Imagine a small plastic cube. Each side is 1 centimeter by 1 centimeter. If you poured juice into the cube, the volume contained would be 1 cubic centimeter. Cubic centimeters and milliliters are both units of the metric system of measurement, which is used by scientists and medical professionals around the world.

An Easy Conversion

One cubic centimeter -- abbreviated cm3 or cc -- is exactly equivalent to 1 milliliter, abbreviated as 1 ml. The units are often used interchangeably for measurements of volume. In some scenarios, such as a hospital, milliliters are the preferred unit because they are easier to convert from liquid to weight measurements. If you look through the glassware in a laboratory, most beakers and flasks will be marked in milliliters too.

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