How to Convert a Mixed Number to a Fractional Notation

Fractions can be termed proper or improper.
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Numbers can be written in different forms. A mixed number is the sum of a whole number and a proper fraction. A proper fraction is a fraction in which the numerator is smaller than the denominator. Any whole number can itself be turned into a fraction and, consequently, a mixed number can the converted into a single fraction. This fraction will be an improper fraction, or a fraction where the numerator is larger than the denominator.

    Look at the mixed number and identify the whole number component and the fraction component. The fraction consists of a numerator on top and denominator on bottom.

    Convert the whole number into a fraction by multiplying it by the denominator of the fraction component of the mixed number and then placing this number over the denominator. For example, if the mixed number is 3 and 4/5, we multiply 3 by 5 and place this over 5, thus getting 15/5.

    Add the fraction component of the mixed number to the fraction obtained in Step 2 (the converted whole number). Add only the numerators of the two fractions and leave the denominators the same. For example, 15/5 plus 4/5 is equal to 19/5. The result is the mixed number converted into fractional notation.

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