How to Convert Nautical Knots to Miles

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The knot is a nautical unit used to quantify the speed of an object, such as a sailing vessel. The knot measures speed in nautical miles per hour. If you want to compare the speed of a boat to the speed of an object on land, you need to convert from knots to miles per hour. Since each nautical mile equals 1.1508 standard miles, one knot equals 1.1508 standard miles per hour.

    Divide the number of knots by by 0.86898 to convert to miles per hour. For example, if a boat travels at 11 knots, divide 11 by 0.86898 to get 12.66 miles per hour.

    Multiply the speed in knots by 1.1508 to convert to miles per hour to verify your conversion. For this example, multiply 1.1508 by 11 to get 12.66 miles per hour.

    Confirm your conversion by checking your answer with an online knots-to-miles-per-hour calculator (see Resources).


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