How to Convert Numerical Grade Point Average

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Universities and other educational institutes calculate grade point average (GPA) using an integer value of 0 through 4. Each letter grade you receive at the end of your semester has certain weighted points. As provide the student with more weight than an F, which actually provides zero points calculated into the GPA. You can calculate your GPA from the letter grade by adding the weighted points and averaging the total. This gives you the GPA for the semester. Adding all weighted points and averaging them for your entire academic career gives you the cumulative GPA you see on your transcripts.

    Write down each grade you've received into a column with the grade's corresponding numerical value. The following numbers represent each letter grade: A 4.00 A- 3.70 B+ 3.30 B 3.00 B- 2.70 C+ 2.30 C 2.00 C- 1.70 D+ 1.30 D 1.00 D- 0.70 F 0.00

    Add all the numbers. This is the total for your semester. If you are adding all grades for your entire academic career, this is your cumulative weighted sum.

    Divide your total weighted value by the number of grades used in the calculation. For example, if you received an A, B and C for three classes, the added weight value is 4+3+2 = 9. 9/3 = 3. The 3 represents your GPA, which is a B average.

    Multiply your GPA and the amount of credits you attempted. This gives you the amount of grade points earned. For instance, if the A, B and C grades were 9 credits, the calculation for total grade points earned is: 9 x 3 = 27.

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