How to Convert Percent to Decimal

Many consumers find there will be a time when the need to know how to convert a percent to a decimal arises. Perhaps it will be when trying to calculate a percentage discount on an item to be purchased; the item may be 30 percent off, but what does that mean? How do you calculate the discount if the original price is $92? Learn how to easily convert percent to decimal by following a few simple instructions.

    Percentage means "per 100." In other words, 50 percent means 50 per 100. With this in mind, there are two simple ways to make this conversion.

    The easiest way to convert percentage to decimal is to divide the percentage by 100. Thus, 50 percent divided by 100 is .50.

    The second way to convert percentages to decimals is to simply move the decimal point to the left two places. It is important to realize that 50 percent is the same as 50.0000000000000000 percent, but the decimal point is not actually used. It is just understood the decimal point follows the number. Thus, to convert a percentage to a decimal by moving the decimal two places to the left, you would have this: 48 percent -->48.0 percent -->.48.