How to Convert Grams Per Meter Squared to Pounds Per Square Foot

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Grams per square meter and pounds per square foot are both measurements of density. The major difference is that grams and meters are metric units of measurement, whereas pounds and feet are units within the standard American system of measurements. If you interact with individuals from other countries, you may need to be able to convert between the two types of measurements, since most countries other than the United States employ the metric system.

    Enter the number of grams into your calculator, followed by the multiplication key, which usually is an "x" or "*" symbol.

    Enter 0.0022, which is the conversion number between grams and pounds, followed by the equal sign (=). For instance, if you had 500 grams per square meter, multiply 500 times 0.0022 to get 1.1 pounds.

    Convert between a square meter and a square foot by multiplying the meters by 10.76. For instance, if you had 500 grams per square meter, multiply 1 by 10.76 square feet per square meter to get 500 grams per 10.76 square feet. This also can be stated as 1.1 pounds per 10.76 square feet.

    Divide the pounds by the number of square feet to find the pounds per square foot. In this example, you would divide 1.1 by 10.76 to get 0.1022 pounds per square foot.


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