How to Convert Price per Square Meter to Price per Square Foot

How to Convert Price per Square Meter to Price per Square Foot
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When getting a price based on area, like carpet or painting services, you may get a quote based on square meters. To figure out the cost per square foot, you can use a simple conversion factor.

1. Determine the Price Per Square Meter

Simplify the price to the price per a single square meter. This is done by dividing the given price by the given number of square meters. For example, if the price is $100 per 10 square meters, it would be reduced to $10 per square meter.

2. Convert Pricing From Square Meters to Square Feet

Divide the price per square meter by 10.764. This gives the price per square foot. For example, if the cost is $10 per square meter, this would work out to 93 cents per square foot. The price per square foot should always be significantly lower than the price per square meter.

3. Multiply the Price by the Area You Have

Multiply the price per square foot by the area the service or product will cover. This will give the total price for that product or service. In the previous example, if your area is 120 square feet, the total price would be $111.60. Price per square foot should only be multiplied by an area in square feet.


  • In some cases, the price per square meter is only an estimate of the actual cost of a service or product. Factors other than surface area may cause the actual price per square meter to increase or decrease. Contact the company providing the service or product to determine if the price per square meter is a set price for all clients and situations.

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