How to Convert Radian to Minutes

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Measurements used for representing the size of an angle include radians, degrees, minutes and seconds. There are 2? radians and 360 degrees in a circle. Being able to convert from radians to minutes is beneficial because radians are commonly used in trigonometric functions, but most people are more familiar with degrees, minutes and seconds.

    Determine the number of radians you want to convert to minutes.

    Multiply the number of radians by 180. For example, if you had 1.5 radians, you would get 270.

    Divide the result from step 2 by pi, approximately 3.1415, to calculate the number of degrees. For example, 270 divided by 3.1415 equals about 85.946.

    Multiply the number of degrees by 60 to calculate the number of minutes. For example, 85.946 times 60 equals 5,156.76 minutes.

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