How to Convert SCM to SCF

The volume of a package can be measured in SCF or SCM.
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SCM stands for standard cubic meter, also written m^3, and SCF stands for standard cubic foot, also written ft^3. Both units measure the volume of an object. Though the standard cubic meter is the preferred measurement in most of the world, many in the United States still rely on the standard cubic foot. If you have a size of a package you want to ship in standard cubic meters but you want to describe it in terms that more Americans would understand, you have to convert from SCM to SCF.

    Multiply the volume in SCM by 35.3147 to convert to SCF because each SCM equals 35.3147 SCF. Therefore, for every 1 SCF you have, you have 35.3147 SCM. For example, if you have 40 SCM, multiply 40 by 35.3147 to get 1,412.59 SCF.

    Divide the volume in SCM by 0.0283168 to convert to SCF. Each SCF equals 0.0283168 SCM. Therefore, you divide the volume in SCM by the number of SCF per SCM. In this example, divide 40 by 0.0283168 to get 1,412.59 SCF.

    Check your conversion using an online cubic meters to cubic feet converter. Enter the number of cubic meters and press "Go."

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