How to Convert SLPM to SCFM

How to Convert SLPM to SCFM
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SLPM stands for standard liters per minute, while SCFM stands for standard cubic-feet-per-minute. These measurements are used in the gas industry. In particular, both units are used to track the volume flow rate of gases. They differ from regular liters-per-minute and cubic-feet-per-minute measurements, in that both SLPM and SCFM take into consideration standardized conditions of temperature and pressure. Since the standardized conditions among the two are the same, to convert SLPM to SCFM only requires some simple arithmetic.

    Write an equation between SLPM and SCFM, on the basis that 1 SLPM is equal to 28.31 SCFMs:

    SCFM = SLPM \times 28.31

    Insert the number of SLPMs you are trying to convert into the equation. If you are trying to convert 1000 SLPMs, then the equation would read

    SCFM = 1000 \times 28.31

    Solve the equation. Given the example, 1000 multiplied by 28.31 is 28,310. Thus, 1000 SLPMs is equal to 28,310 SCFMs.


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