How to Convert Square Meters to Linear Yards

Yard sticks are close to the same size as a meter.
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Meter and yard are units of lengths. Meter is used in the International System of Units and yard is used in the U.S. Customary System. A square meter indicates that the measured unit is of area. Linear yard is a measurement of area in certain industries. For example, if you say that you bought 2 linear yards of 40-inch width fabric, it means that you bought a 40-inch by 72-inch piece.

    Convert square meters to square inches. 1 meter = 39.3701 inches and 1 meter² = 1550.003 inches². So if you need to convert 1 square meter to 1 square inch, you have to multiply the value by 1550.003. For example, if you wish to convert 10 square meters to linear yards. First multiply 10 by 1550.003 for a result of 15500.03.

    Convert the square inches value to yards. 36 inches = 1 yard. So to convert the square inches value into yards, divide the result by 36. For example, divide 15500.03 by 36. The result is 430.56.

    The result indicates that 10 square meters is equivalent to 430.56 linear yards. Simply, if you need to convert square meters to linear yards, multiply the value by 1550.003/36 which is equal to 43.056.

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