How to Convert Tenths to Hundredths

A calculator can help convert tenths to hundredths.
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Tenths and hundredths can be used to measure small quantities of a unit, such as tenths or hundredths of a second or mile. One-tenth equals 0.1 and one-hundredth equals 0.01, which means that hundredth equals 10 hundredths. The conversion is the same no matter which unit you are using. You might need to convert from tenths to hundredths if you have one measure in tenths and another in hundredths and want to compare the two.

    Divide the number of tenths by 0.1 to convert to hundredths. For example, if you have 6 tenths, divide 6 by 0.1 to get 60 hundredths.

    Multiply the number of tenths by 10 to convert to hundredths. Checking your answer, multiply 6 by 10 to get 60 hundredths.

    Slide the decimal place one unit to the right to convert tenths to hundredths. Insert a zero if necessary. Finishing the example, if you have 6 tenths, move the decimal place on to the right to move from 6.0 tenths to 60.0 hundredths.