How to Convert Therms to KWH

Your heating bill may be measured in therms or kilowatt hours.
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Therms, abbreviated thm, and kilowatt hours, abbreviated kWh, both measure heat energy usage in commercial settings, such as the amount of heat supplied to a building as recorded on a heating bill. The therm comes from the Greek word "therme" and equals about 29.3 kWh. Having this conversion factor allows people to change a heat energy amount from therms to kilowatt hours quickly and easily.

    Divide the number of therms by 0.034121412 to convert to kilowatt hours. For example, if you have 60 therms, divide 60 by 0.034121412 to get about 1,758 kWh.

    Multiply the number of therms by 29.3 to convert to kilowatt hours. In this example, multiply 60 by 29.3 to get 1,758 kWh.

    Check your answer with an online therms-to-kWh converter (see Resources). Enter the number of therms, and the website will display the number of kilowatt hours.

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