How to Convert Tsp. to Drops

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A teaspoon is a unit of volume mainly used in cooking recipes and pharmaceutical prescriptions. A drop is a unit of volume dispensed from a dropper. There are three different types of teaspoons in the world; the U.S. teaspoon, the United Kingdom (U.K.) teaspoon and the metric teaspoon. The amount of liquid per volume differs slightly depending on which type of teaspoon is being used. Converting teaspoons to drops will require a little multiplication, or finding a volume converter on the Internet.

    Determine the number of teaspoons you need to convert to drops.

    Determine the kind of teaspoon you are converting from. If you don’t know, you probably want to use U.S. teaspoons.

    Multiply the number of teaspoons by the correct conversion factor. The number of drops in a U.S. teaspoon is 98.5784322, but these numbers are usually rounded up to two places beyond the decimal point, so you would use 98.58. The U.K. teaspoon equals 118.39 drops, and the metric teaspoon equals 100 drops. If you have 8 tsp. to convert, you would perform the following calculations: 8 x 98.58, 8 x 118.39 and 8 x 100. Your answers for the corresponding teaspoon measurements would be 788.64 drops, 947.12 drops and 800 drops.

    Check your answers using an online teaspoons-to-drops converter (see Resources).


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